Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Day 144 ~ Use your feet as your hands.

I stretched a piece of 140lb watercolor paper onto a homosote board, let it dry, placed it on the floor. I tried to hold a large round brush with my foot and experienced some pretty impressive cramping, so tried a conte crayon next. Much easier to hold. Tried both left and right feet to see if I was better with one than the other. I think my right foot was easier because I can balance on my left foot more easily. Yep, balance was definitely an issue here. I wrote the words in conte first, then charcoal pencil. By the time I got to the paint brush with the red acrylic I was sorta, a little bit, getting a feel for how it might be possible to hold a brush with one's toes. I thought of the artists I've seen who paint with their feet because they don't have use of their hands...

I reused the paper with the message, painting over it (with my hands) to create an acrylic and charcoal textured piece which I'll cut up and use for my mixed media collage work.

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