Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Day 150 ~ Take inspiration from the nose.

I did a show this past weekend with a bunch of friends. I didn't sell much, but I had fun taking pictures of noses. People were pretty good sports about this, for the most part. The nose is a touchy subject, really, and probably not the first feature upon which a person would choose to allow focus. But, look at all these beautiful noses. Seen here are the noble proboscises (I looked that up) of Tom, Fran, Pat, Bradley, Joy, Judy, Tom, Judy, Steve, Doug, Nancy, and I'm in there, too. There is also an anonymous baby, a talented saxophonist, an American Mastiff called Bull Dozer and the beak of one of Pat's sculpted swans. At home I filled in with a local cow, a sheep from a calendar of photos by Lynn, Bela the horse (front as well as side view), Mim the cat, and a black snake who happened to be crossing the paddock.

I played around with various effects and created the collage in Picasa.

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