Sunday, June 17, 2012

Day 169 ~ Create a personal shelter.

25 hay bales. Took me just under an hour to construct, including some designs that didn't work, like a tall, flat wall ~ very hard to balance and promptly fell before I could get a picture. So I tried the igloo approach, with the base as a circle and bales leaning in on each other as they were built up. The hardest part was getting the one bale to balance over the single portal. Hay bales are heavy, for me anyway. The best part was showering off all the itchy little bits of hay that were stuck to my skin!

This was an interesting exercise in construction. What did and didn't work. Balance. Also couldn't help thinking about how feminine this design is compared to the tall, flat wall I started with. An homage, perhaps, to all the nurturing fathers there are out there in the world on this Father's Day 2012.

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