Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Day 195 ~ Make a monster.

Silly monster. Went for the papier mache on the balloon again, but really glopped it on, leaving an opening for the mouth. I propped it up on a glass and got the idea of the gobs of paper for legs. I was able to build them up against the glass, but they kept oozing down so I tied them up with string, which I thought added a nice monstery touch.

She took two days to dry. She's a she because girls don't get to be monsters enough. And her name is Washington because she is made mostly of The Post. Anyway, thank goodness it's been in the 90s around here because I was able to bake her in the sun (only one brief mishap with a sudden shower and I forgot she was out there). Funny thing is that when she was dry she smelled like bread from the flour in the papier mache.

Washington The Monster is sprayed with five different colors of spray paint. Her antenna is a pipe cleaner wrapped in yarn. Teeth and claw toes are painted paper. And googly eyes. Many of them. Oh, and a red yarn tail. She is 16" tall, counting her antenna.

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