Friday, August 3, 2012

Day 215 ~ Do something with graffiti.

Those of you who know what you are doing with computer graphics would have laughed at the archaic way I did this. But I enjoyed the process.

I found the 'typeface' under graffiti alphabets on Google. Printed in out. Traced the letters I needed to spell out the saying. Then there was a LOT of retracing, sizing, composing, etc. We'll leave it at that. Except that I also changed the color of the type three times, which meant painting over it each time. The 'shield' is cut from one of my stock papers I make for my mixed media pieces, as was the background. There's an arch-shaped piece of foam core behind the shield to make it bow out and to mount it to the background paper. The letters are painted in acrylic. The bundle above holds painted sticks, horse hair, grasses, a feather, a shell, some beads, all wrapped with yarn.

The words, Why should we two ever want to part, are from a poem by Kabir, a mystic poet and saint who lived in India in the 15th century. If you look on Google for Kabir and those words you will find the whole poem. Here is the rest of this beautiful part of it...

Why should we two ever want to part?
Just as the leaf of the water rhubarb lives
floating on the water, we live as the great one and the little one.
As the owl opens his eyes all night to the moon,
we live as the great one and the little one.


Frances said...

Your graffiti is fabulous Rebecca and it's good that it exists in the real world rather than as pixels in a computer. It would have been a much richer tactile experience too!

Rebecca Grace Jones said...

Yes, indeed! Tha