Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Post square 021313 ~ The State of the Union

The photo on the cover of the Post was predictable; smiling President Obama surrounded by applauding people as he enters the House chambers to deliver the State of the Union address. There wasn't much I could find to abstract that didn't look like a body part or piece of clothing. So I chose the top of the president's graying head and a few shapes behind it.

The drawing I did, I really don't like. It's weird. Boring. So I messed with it big time in Picasa. I spun it around, inverted the colors, posterized it, you name it. Still doesn't thrill me.

At least I get to do whatever I want with the ideas I come up with. Not like President Obama, who comes up with creative ideas that I'm sure he feels excited about. But he can't draw his picture his way without the agreement of a bunch of other people with their own colored pencils. And they want to draw things differently.

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