Friday, February 15, 2013

Post square 021513 ~ Number 22

I am not a follower of sports. I can’t tell you who won the World Series last year. So, I some to this story as an outsider. All I can share here is my take on the experience of one man.

Drew Storen, a 25-year-old off-and-on Stanford student, is a baseball pitcher for the Washington Nationals. Last October, when he was on the mound, the St. Louis Cardinals took the lead away from his team and ended up with the National League pennant in Game 5 of the Division Series.

The hardest part about this for Storen was that when he woke up the next morning there wasn’t another game to play so that he could fix it. He wanted to fix it right away and he couldn’t. He had a long winter ahead of him.

But this “engaging and energetic” guy with a “full-throttle attitude” wasn’t defeated. He watched and studied the final inning of that game and learned from it. This week he’s in Viera, Florida at spring training, getting ready for this summer’s baseball season.

I didn’t use the photo that went with this story on the front cover of the Post today. I found a more compelling composition from another photo on the cover of the Sports section, where the story continued. It’s from the back of Storen’s uniform, as he pitches, with his number 22, which happens to be my favorite, magic number.

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