Sunday, March 3, 2013

Post square 030213 ~ Budget Smudget

President Obama’s idea for taking care of our nation’s debt is to find a balance of spending cuts and tax revenue. The Republicans don’t like that idea. So, for the next ten years, Americans will be feeling the results of cutting 1.2 trillion dollars from the government’s budget.

This austerity program, known as sequestration, will be felt by the American people in different ways.

One way will involve jobs that serve the public most obviously. For example, we may see the price of meat rise because there won’t be as many inspectors working, and, as a result, there won’t be as much meat being produced. And there will be longer lines at the airports for security checks because there won’t be as many safety officers. And if we want to find a port-o-potty during the Cherry Blossom Festival, we may have to search for one, because the park service will be cutting back on amenities such as these.

Another way, which may not be felt quite so quickly, will affect research and information technology, where the priorities, involving things that take a long time, like contracts and grants, get reshaped more slowly.

The photo on the cover of the Post shows House Speaker John Boehner walking away from press microphones and cameras. I chose a detail from the building structure in the background for my drawing.

For some reason, I was compelled to use a ruler when composing my drawing from the photo’s detail. I have done all the other drawings in this series freehand so far. I chose two different colors at random for each section and used the darkest one to outline and shade the edge and the lighter color to fill it in.

I think this may have to be my last “Post square”. I love doing these, but it’s not panning out as a responsible thing to be doing in terms of using my time wisely in the pursuit of income. I’m thinking of changing my daily project to finding images in nature that are more accessible, and putting them with some sort of writing ~ poetry, haiku…

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Pam Parziale said...

No wonder you had to use a ruler when trying visualize the insanity that has taken over our government. An old fashioned school marm would use it on their fannies!
Nature is a better fit for your sunny disposition. Can't wait to see what happens next!