Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Post Square 12.09.13 ~ All About the Weather

Post Square 12.09.13 ~ All About the Weather

If you are just joining me (and if you are, welcome!) I’d like to encourage you to visit the posts on Nov 20th and Dec 4th. They explain the daily projects that show up here and things might make a little more sense…

The cover story on the Post was all about the weather ~ the treacherous roads, closed schools, cancelled flights, power outages, halted Christmas shopping…although the sales of Christmas trees at the Church of Saint Clement in Alexandria, Virginia seemed encouraged by the snow.

Ashley Halsey III, the journalist, ended the article with a warm spot in the storm ~ a man proposing to his beloved in the middle of the National Gallery of Art’s Sculpture Garden Ice Rink. This guy, Julio, had flown his gal, Lorieth, from Panama City to D.C. for the weekend because she’d “always wanted to see snow”. (I’d say he’s a keeper, Lori!) She said yes. Smart woman. 

The artwork (play) ~ A charcoal pencil outline, a quick wash of blue watercolor sprinkled with salt to make snowy texture. Then bits of the Post cover photo, using the designs of two striking umbrella patterns, torn, cut and pasted on. I know … it looks like dirty snow. That’s artistic license for ya.

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