Saturday, December 21, 2013

Post Square 12.19.13 ~ A Different D.C.

Post Square 12.19.13 ~ A Different D.C.

Washington D.C. has changed. Used to be, all the great jobs were with the government. Now, hundreds of local start-ups are thriving without ties to federal contracts.

Many of the smart, young people who came to D.C. to work in politics found they could be better off in the business sector. They found a city that prospered because the federal government granted contracts to hundreds of new companies which created well paying jobs. This new money and growing population changed the button-down population to one more comfortable with spending. Neighborhoods were gentrified and new restaurants and night spots opened up.

Even when the economy faltered, D.C. flourished. The government needed computer technology and that attracted engineers, developers and other IT specialists.

Other fields, such as health, education, energy, transportation and hospitality also enjoyed growth.

One thing that helps D.C. maintain such innovation is the unusual number of dual-income, high-earning couples who live and work there, including a large percentage of women in top executive positions.

The image I’ve drawn is an abstract of a 1” square detail of the cover story photograph ~ a woman sitting in an old-fashioned phone booth. This phone booth, one in a row set up at a business start-up space called 1776 in downtown D.C., provides privacy for people working for or running the fledgling companies.

4.5” square, colored pencil.

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