Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Post Square 12.30.13 ~ Shanahan Hits the Road

Post Square 12.30.13 ~ Shanahan Hits the Road
A synopsis of a story in the Washington Post by Mark Maske and Mike Jones

Coach Mike Shanahan’s last game with the Redskins was a rain-soaked disappointment. The New York Giants beat them in the season finale, 20-6. It was the Skin’s eighth defeat in a row, bringing their record to just 3 wins and 13 losses.

Shanahan, a two-time Super Bowl winner while leading the Denver Broncos, had joined the Redskins in January of 2010. In his four years as their coach he was not able to instill the stability or professionalism all had been hoping for when he was hired. 

In spite of their lousy record with him, the Redskin players defend Shanahan, saying it wasn’t his fault.

Drawing taken from a detail of a photo by John McDonnell
This is a bit of a mark on what I’m assuming is the end zone of the football field from which Mike Shanahan is exiting in the photograph. I tried choosing two random colors, one light, one dark for the simple composition, but I kept picking blue pencils. That’s the color it happens to be in the photo, so I got the message to just stick to the image as is. Used 3 different blues and white. Looks like a road to me, the road that the ex-coach has been told to hit.

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