Thursday, January 28, 2016

Drawing/Day 1.28.16 Details of today's play

You know how sometimes you walk by the bookcase and a book jumps out at you and you leaf through it and seem to find the answer to prayers.

The book was one I hadn't noticed or looked through in years - Master Paintings from the Phillips Collection. Beautiful reproductions of fascinating works from Milton Avery to James Whistler.

AND with every painting, a wonderful quote by or about the artist. I perused from the back and found Mark Tobey. Here is something he wrote in 1958, "We hear some artists speak today of the act of painting, but a State of Mind is the first preparation and from this the action proceeds. Peace of Mind is another ideal, perhaps the ideal state to be sought for in the painting and certainly preparatory to the act."

There were many other things I found as I looked further and chose to try to remember at least this from Tobey as I painted today. Doesn't come instantly, Peace of Mind while painting, but something to aspire to.

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