Monday, January 4, 2016

Drawing/Day 1.3.16

Composition abstracted from a 1" square of a newspaper photo. Drawing is 3.5" square. Colored pencils, layered and scratched.

The reference, cut randomly and blind from the newspaper was of a close-up of the top of someone's nose with glasses. Finished, I preferred it rotated once counter-clockwise. Colors chosen randomly, without looking. Found I wanted to add pattern and textures to the large spaces. Left one part of the border broken open on the right edge.

Wasn't as impatient with this one as I was with yesterday's. More into the play of it. Thinking while I was working on it that another big reason I need to do these daily drawings, besides using them as a way to combat creative inertia, is that I need to connect with an audience, you, my appreciated interested person. What would I do without you? Good question. Maybe nothing? Not sure. I think I would still need to create, but it certainly wouldn't be as fulfilling.

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