Thursday, December 1, 2016

Women Abstract Expressionists Exhibit at the Mint Museum

The Mint Museum in Charlotte, North Carolina currently has an exhibit of twelve women abstract expressionists, showing their paintings from the 1945 to 1960 time period.

Today, all day, I had the luxury of spending many hours with nothing else to do but stand in front of these works. It is impossible to get the sense of these paintings from a reproduction in a book, I don't care how advanced the printing process is. To be able to have your nose 12 inches away from the surfaces is a thrilling experience.

I've tried to share that with you here by taking details of the paintings. I think you will be able to see that these women used some paint! Thick, rich layers of every imaginable color. Drips and globs of the stuff. These were not timid women. They had something to say. They were expressionists!


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