Monday, April 30, 2012

Day 73

The project this day was to make something with the rocks available around my home. The structure took about 20 minutes to build. I was surprised by how easy it was to get the rocks to balance. I like the way the 'bridge' creates a window. It looks quite fragile, really, but created on March 13th, it's still standing so far.


Branka said...

Hello, you seem like a very creative person :), it so happens that we are a group of creative souls on FB all making something 365 and we would love you to join us.
Some people are following Noah's book some are improvising but we all do have fun. Every sunday we make something together taking inspiration from another member's blog.
Here is our link:
Hope to see you there.

Rebecca Grace Jones said...

Hi Branka! I just checked out the link and sent in my request to join. Thanks!!

Rebecca Grace Jones said...

Branka, I have a question. (Thanks for adding me, incidenty!) When I post something on my own page will it show up on your group page automatically, or do I need to go to the group page and post it there, too?