Wednesday, May 29, 2019

16 small paintings shown finished and in stages

These paintings, ranging from 8X8 to 12X12 will go with me to the Rittenhouse Fine Arts show in Philadelphia next weekend.  They are all on 2" deep wood panels, with the images going around the edges, acrylic and charcoal with some paper collage.

At the bottom of the post there are pics of the group in the various stages they go through.

I sand and gesso the panels, putting some texture and lines in the wet gesso, then paint them with a thin layer of neutral color. I scrape the paint on so that the texture in the gesso shows up. 

Next, smears of paint in various colors, applied with a flat piece of cardboard.

Then, the designs I trace from my photos of machinery, painted in neutral tones. All very thin layers so that the other stuff can come through a little bit.

White and yellow ochre mixed, applied with a roller.

Finding objects, shapes, landscape features in the texture and under-painting, the scenes emerge.