Thursday, November 14, 2019

Small paintings on panels

This blog has been hacked and I'm not able to post the link on Facebook but at least I think I'm getting to you, my kind followers. If you feel like leaving a comment just to let me know that you are getting this, I would appreciate it very much. Otherwise it's kinda pointless to make a blog for myself, huh?

These little guys are all acrylic and charcoal on wood panels. The images continue around the 2" deep sides. I did these in September. 

Small paintings on paper

I know it's been a while, I'm sorry. I got discouraged by the last hack. This is a test run to see if things are back to normal by any chance. These are acrylic and charcoal on paper done in September. They are small paintings, 6" X 9" and 5" X 7".