Monday, April 30, 2012

Day 121

Make something out of aluminum foil. This little guy measures about 7" high. I started with 3 balls of foil mashed together for the torso, then wrapped the legs and neck shapes around that base and built them up with more pieces of foil as I went along. It was a bit frustrating that the foil wouldn't stick to itself and I ended up experimenting with different glues. Not Super Glue, although I can tell you that definitely works on your fingers. Jewelry glue worked sorta. I finally just stuck pins in places, like to hold the tail on and secure some of the flaps of foil.

This was the most fun so far! The project idea simply suggested making something out of wood. I decided to go big. The wood used was collected from our property. I began the construction by tying a bundle together and placing over a table, then attached the legs, neck and head from there, adding more pieces of wood by tying them on with baling twine. The twine was bright orange. I hate to admit this, but I used spray paint to get rid of the orange and help it blend in. It was a huge improvement. I hope the ozone layer will forgive me.

Day 108

Create something in the steam on a mirror. That was this day's project. I held a hand mirror over a boiling pot on the stove, got it steamy and carried it over to Mishi, under the kitchen table. I found that the steam turned into just wavy water very quickly, so I had to try this a number of times and ended up having to move fast from stove to cat in order to get it to work. I held the mirror so that the cat was looking into it at an angle that I could photograph the reflection. I took many shots, of CJ, too. Love the way the whiskers look, and the distortion on the upper left image. Wanted to use all four of these, the strongest results, so I created a collage in Picasa.

Day 102

A palindrome was the assignment on this day. To write and illustrate one. A palindrome is a phrase that reads the same forward and backward. I had to work at thinking up something, but when I came up with NOT A TON, the feather was easy as a subject to illustrate it. I held the feather (I found this on a morning walk) up to the perfect, cloud-decorated sky and snapped the picture. Used Photoshop to erase my hand. (Don't look too closely, please, I'm a real amateur with this kind of stuff!) Used the Picasa type app to add the copy.

Day 80

These eggs were first emptied of there contents by poking holes at each end and shaking them. I rinsed them out with water, too. The project was to experiment with dying something using unconventional materials. I used various kinds of inks, applying wax in some areas first as a resist.

Day 73

The project this day was to make something with the rocks available around my home. The structure took about 20 minutes to build. I was surprised by how easy it was to get the rocks to balance. I like the way the 'bridge' creates a window. It looks quite fragile, really, but created on March 13th, it's still standing so far.

Day 60

This project was to make something that casts a shadow and document only the shadow. I cut the design from a piece of 81/2 X 11 piece of card stock and photographed the shadow cast on our cement sidewalk.

A Project a Day

On January 1st of this year I started a project. I began doing an art assignment a day from Noah Scalin's daily creativity journal 365 ~ Make Something Every Day and Change Your Life. I've been posting each piece on Facebook, but it has been suggested that I document the work in a blog so that more people can see what I'm doing. I'll show some highlights from these first 100 and some days, then add things daily as they become available. The photo here is of my first project. Day 1 ~ Make something that will fit in the palm of your hand. It's acrylic paint and ink on my own hand.