Thursday, February 25, 2016

9 New Small Paintings, start to finish

Here is how I started nine 5" X 7" paintings. I worked on heavy watercolor paper, masking out the edges of each image with tape. Gesso was used to prepare the paper. I applied materials to the surfaces of some of the paintings, such as tissue and Pellon.

I like to work on a number at a time with small pieces. Sometimes one will need to dry or just "rest" and that allows me to work on another. Often a problem solved in one will inform what could be done with the next.

This is the group finished. The top three are up-side-down. (I turned the board to work on those.)

The materials used on these include acrylic, black and white charcoal, chalk and oil pastel, Pellon, rice paper, gauze, tissue, ink, colored pencil and watercolor, 

Monday, February 8, 2016

Two Paintings

I love these paintings because they feel very close to being authentic to the kind of work I want to create. No definite theme or imagery, but inviting the viewers to see what is there for them.

They are a set of what I call "twins", worked on side-by-side at the same time. Many, many layers, many changes, much evolution, so rich textures as a result. Both are 14" X 20".

Acrylic, black and white charcoal, oil pastel, rice paper, ink, Pellon, monoprint

Acrylic, black and white charcoal, Pellon, monoprint

New paintings 40" X 40"

Two large mixed media collages for the American Craft Council Show next week. Both 40" X 40" on gessoed watercolor paper, sealed with acrylic gel medium.

Acrylic, black and white charcoal, oil pastel, gauze, rice paper, ink, Pellon

Acrylic, black and white charcoal, oil pastel, Pellon

Monday, February 1, 2016

Drawing/Day 2.1.16 Details from today's time in the studio

The beginning of the two big pieces.

A strange little detail from a 14" X 20" that has been painted over many times.

A detail of one of the large pieces in process.