Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Shadow box #21 ~ Grazing

12" X 12". The background painting is a watercolor with pastel and charcoal. As with "The Light Trees", I sprayed the finished painting with polyurethane to fix the pastel dust, then coated it with acrylic gel medium. The inset of the horses was done with acrylic on watercolor paper which has been wrapped around a block of foam core. It stands out from the background.

The stick has been sanded and coated with acrylic gel medium. It is secured with jeweler's glue.

The thin, brown frame around the opening edge is watercolor paper painted with acrylic. The outside, natural wood frame has been sanded and finished with varnish.

Shadow box # 20 ~ A Lizard's Life

This one is 9"X12". The lizard design is one I came up with in my series of twelve animals drawn in the proportions of the golden spiral.

The painting was started with charcoal and white acrylic on Bristol board. Color was added with watercolor and pastel.

There are two carved wood "beams" painted black and sanded. A leaf preserved with acrylic gel medium sits on the top right shelf. On the bottom are two land snail shells and a painted masking tape ball wrapped with yarn.

The frame has been painted black and sanded.

This shadow box was a hit with twelve-year-old boys at the Chautauqua show this past weekend. They recognized the "golden spiral" immediately.

Shadow box #19 ~ The Bunny and the Berry Tree (commission)

This version of The Bunny and the Berry Tree is a commission for my friend Carolina ("Bunny") Ford. It is slightly larger than the first version and uses her favorite colors, turquoise and garnet.

The bunny is made of Sculpey and painted with acrylic. The window is made from a piece of watercolor paper painted with acrylic. The painting on the canvas, visible through the opening, is done with acrylic and charcoal. I've used some gold foil on the outside frame.

Shadow box #22 ~ The Light Trees

I like this one a lot. It sold at the Chautauqua show this past weekend. It's 10"X10".

I wanted to create a scene I love to see, where trees in the foreground are being lit up in front of a bank of dark trees in the background.

The painting is done with watercolor, charcoal and pastel. I sprayed it with a polyurethane which fixed the pastel dust and made it possible to coat it with acrylic gel medium without smearing. Doing this brought out the colors wonderfully.

The "floor" is covered with drinking straws that have been wrapped in painted masking tape strips. A few beads have been added in the front row.

The frame is made with carved wooden strips, painted and sanded. The box has been painted black and sanded, also.

Shadow box #18 ~ Rocky and the Blue Bird

A variation on The Bunny and the Berry Tree. This little guy is also made from Sculpey and painted with acrylic. He stands in front of a pencil and watercolor illustration on watercolor paper that has been glued to a curved surface (foam core cut on a curve). The sides of the box are lined with black mat board with a design drawn on with colored pencil.
The box is 8"X8".