Wednesday, August 9, 2017

New paintings on panels, some small, some not so small

These new mixed media paintings will go with me to Chautauqua, NY this weekend for the Crafts Alliance show. They are mostly acrylic with a great deal of collage. The added pieces are papers that I've painted or printed from block prints I've made. All are on 2" deep wood panels. 

I don't use reference very often, but for the two large pieces I did start with a composition from a photo. The first one here, 40" X 40" came from a picture I saw of a man sitting in a chair with a Turkish rug on the wall near him. The only thing that remains of that composition is the large oval in the design of the rug. The texture comes from the paper I applied to the panel before painting. 
Oil pastel passed lightly over the texture makes it stand out.

These next three are all 10" X 10".

And the next 4 are 8" X 8".

The last one is another 40" X 40". The composition here started with a photo of a tree hanging over a stream with a path along side. It's a little easier to see the remnants of that photo here. 
(None of the creatures or other things were in the photo...they came from me.)