Thursday, August 23, 2012

Day 221 ~ Be inspired by trees.

Hey! I'm back. I know I have quite a bit of catching up to do.

I'm finding that I want to spend more than one day on some of these projects!

This is an acrylic painting on a Baltic birch panel, 12" X 16". It is a tree I'm particularly fond of and which I pass on my morning walk. I'm sorry I can't tell you what kind it is.

The piece was inspired by a quote from my good friend, George. It is from the email he sent me for my Day 204 project ~ Ask a friend you haven't seen in a while for an idea of what to do today. I've printed it on translucent paper in olive green ink and nailed it to the board with copper tacks.

George is a woodworker. He lives in a home which he built himself and where he and his wife, Beverly, raised their two children, surrounded by magnificent trees. Here is the quote, in case you can't quite see it ~

Today, spend five minutes appreciating the grandness of trees. How tall, strong and long-lived they are. How self sustaining and beautiful; each one with its own character. How many species there are. How they rise out of the ground defying gravity by pushing water and nutrients to such great heights. How without them and their low lying cousins there would be no source of sustenance for us animal folks. How they provide such essential raw materials for us. They cool us in the summer and warm us in the winter. Magnificent.
George Biersdorf

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