Saturday, December 29, 2012

364 ~ Rewrite a traditional song.

Here are some new lyrics I wrote to the tune of a traditional song for the end of the year ~ Auld Lang Syne.

Another year has come and gone. I gave it all I could.
Here's to my friends and all I love, to things that make life good,
to hopes and dreams, to smiles and schemes, to never being rude,
to grace and strength and mindfulness and living as I should.

I had originally written this in the plural and decided to change it to the singular so as not to finish up my fun year of exuberant creativity on a preachy (sorry, Blair!*) or overweening note. This is, after all, my sentiment, not yours, necessarily. But you may sing it if it works for you, in the singular or the plural, or not!!

Overweening. Isn't that a great word? I didn't know it and found it as I looked through the dictionary for just the word I wanted there. (That's just one of the things I've gotten out of writing this blog. I've had to look up lots of words for spelling and to see if I'm using them correctly.) It means to be arrogant or presumptuous, immoderate or exaggerated. Presumptuous (overstepping due bounds or taking liberties) would have worked here, too, as well as didactic (designed or intended to convey instruction or making moral observations), but none as well as overweening, and that not as well as preachy, which begs the question ~ why am I rambling on like this? Because I find words and definitions interesting and because this is my penultimate project and I'm going to miss writing to you every day.

*Blair is my cousin who followed in the footsteps of my father and became a Presbyterian minister. 

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