Sunday, December 30, 2012

Day 365 ~ Do something to celebrate your year of creativity!

This a link to a YouTube video produced by Dave Singer who was so generous with his time and who, with a great attitude, put a lot of work into it. It just so happens that his wife Carrie had won a pet portrait I donated to a benefit auction, so in exchange for his kindness I've offered to do all three of their cats ~ Shadow, Gracie and Spirit.You will probably see the finished portrait.

I had really wanted to use a piece of music by my friends Al Petteway and Amy White, but we ran into licensing issues with the powers that be, even thought we had Al and Amy's permission. If you aren't familiar with their beautiful music do check them out. Dave did find some other music we are able to use that is a lot of fun and I like the energy of it to go with my playful project.

There aren't 365 projects on the video! Just enough for a great review. I didn't do 365 projects anyway. Between Days 230 and 303 I doubled up on many of them because I missed a month due to my show schedule and did that to catch up. Those combinations turned out to be some of the most fun. It was a good thing Sheila Vertino wrote an article about me in Fluent Magazine around that time, which talked about the project, or it's possible I may never have gotten back into it.

Incidentally, not doing all 365 means I don't deserve the official 365 merit badge. I major disappointment, as you can imagine. My mother was very clear about that concept when I was in the Girl Scouts and she had to sign that little book that said I had done every single one of the requirements for the nature badge or whatever. You don't get what you don't earn. OR You mustn't cut corners if you want something done right.

It wasn't exactly easy to produce an assigned project a day, and then it was. Mostly, the whole experience was a blast and extremely interesting. I was made for this kind of thing. I loved being a student and later being an illustrator. I love the challenge of taking an idea and putting it into some tangible form. Like solving a puzzle. I'll miss this project! And I feel a little sad about it ending. But it certainly won't be an end to my creating. I have gotten countless ideas to apply to "my own" work and I plan to keep posting on this blog about my processes and experiments. So if you are interested in what I come up with in 2013 I hope you'll continue to visit when you get the chance.

Thanks very much for being part of this. May you be inspired to continue enjoying a creative life!

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