Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Twelfth and last drawing in animal series

While I was coloring in this drawing I was thinking that the random color choices were not working out as magically as they had in the eleven preceding ones. But now that its done, and seeing it reduced on the screen, maybe it's okay.

I might try coloring it in again with different color combinations. I guess the possibilities are endless, when you think about it.

The coloring book, with each of the drawings in line, is at the printer. Excited about that! And I'll be making cards and prints of the color series to take to shows. As well as T-shirts! with the cat design. I have to test market one design at a time on shirts, due to the hefty investment. Oh, and a calendar later.

All in all I'm really happy with how the series came out. Each drawing is rich, to me, and bold and unique. So I have a good feeling of work well done. I'm saying this because it isn't always the case that I'm happy with what I've created!

This format, using the proportions of the golden spiral for the design, is something I want to continue to explore. I'm thinking maybe more animals. And maybe the 12 zodiac signs. That could be fun.

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