Thursday, November 28, 2013

Another experiment, taken a little further

Trying to fall asleep last night thinking of what would go in that space on this piece. Something graphic ~ a picture or silhouette? Like a bicycle or a boot print? Finally decided that type would be best.

Cut out a section of the type under the cover photo I used to get started. Wrapped it around a piece of mat board and glued it down. Drew on it with pen. Made paper rolls using a print of a drawing I did of winter trees and glued them on either side. Stuck my signature lock of horse hair into the top of the roll on the left. Wrapped another piece of the drawing around a chunk of foam core and glued that over the type. Added stitches and some beads, some ink marks.

I should probably be doing these on a stronger backing because the bristol I'm using warps with all this layering and gluing. But I like to stitch through it and tie things on from the I have to figure that one out.

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