Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Experimenting with a different approach to my project.

I'm thinking I need to do something more with these little drawings than just make a design and color it in. Kinda boring. Want to consider adding layers, collage, different materials.

I'm not sure about the success of this one, but I'm posting it anyway because I think it may represent the beginning of a new way of going at this project I'm creating for myself (the drawing-a-day-in-December for a January show).

I looked at the square I did yesterday and revisited it. Some of the design elements have been repeated (a suggested horizon, a strong vertical on the right, the brown shape in the upper left corner). The type is from the story written yesterday. It is superimposed on a photo I took last winter which I faded and tinted in Picasa. Then I printed that image onto rice paper and used an acrylic medium to attach it to the drawing. Another piece of rice paper, with the ballpoint pen scribble was attached the same way over pen doodles and color-penciled areas. I accordion-folded the extra paper at the bottom of the scribble and sewed it to the backing paper with a few strands of horse hair secured into a knot.

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