Monday, November 25, 2013

Post Square 112413 ~ The Grateful Republicans

A practice run.

I realized I was feeling nervous about saying I was going to do these drawings every day in December. Feeling the pressure to do really wonderful things! So I thought I better just do some. Before December. Just to take some of that pressure off. So you know what to expect.

I took a square inch from the photo of the cover story on Sunday's Washington Post and turned it into an abstract colored pencil drawing, choosing the colors at random. I felt the need to work up the surface on this drawing and used more than one color in each section to create a texture, to satisfy that need.

I've written a synopsis of the story that went with the photo. It goes like this...

Post Square 11.24.13

“I believe I’m going to be a Democrat,” Ronald Hudson said, laughing.

Ronald lives in the largely conservative, Republican state of Kentucky, in Breathitt County, one of the poorest and unhealthiest areas in this country.

Breathitt County is where Courtney Lively works as a health-care exchange navigator.

Courtney had just told Ronald, a 35-year-old who has never had insurance and who has managed to acquire a considerable amount of medical debt, that he is going to qualify for a medical card.

“Well, thank God,” he said.

Courtney avoids referring to the program that is helping so many of her clients as Obamacare. And once she had to assure someone that the requirement of having a microchip implanted in the arm in order to be enrolled was only a rumor. But, for the most part, the many people she has helped find affordable health care are very grateful.

One of the reasons the people of Kentucky are having success signing up for health insurance is that the state set up its own exchange instead of using the federal one, with its challenging Web site. Nevertheless, Breathitt County serves as a place where the idea proposed by this administration, of affordable health care for every American, works, as those who support the new law envision that it can.

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