Saturday, November 30, 2013

Post Square 11.30.13 ~ Escaping the Danger Zone

The photographer, Noel Celis, is on a C-130 military plane crowded with survivors of Typhoon Haiyan. The plane is taking them from Leyte province's Tacloban, the city devastated by the storm, to the Philippine capital, Manila.

I wrote yesterday that I was hoping these pieces would let me know what they want to be and last night they told they wanted to be more balanced and more accessible, less spontaneous, more planned.

In yesterday's square I took part of the photo and painted over it and that gave me the idea for today's. I cut out a 4" piece this time. First, I cut a 4" window out of a piece of paper and moved it over the Post's cover photo until I found the composition I wanted.

This fragment was scanned and messed with in Picasa until I had a black and white, posterized image. I printed that onto bristol board and drew outlines around the major shapes with ink. I wanted them to be abstract and graphic. Then the shapes got colored in with pencil, some colors randomly chosen, but I wanted the major, joining field to be blue like water.

A 1" window was cut from the center and glued to another board, then the larger piece was edged with paint and glued over some pieces of foam core to make it stand out from the backing.

I may do more to this. Have to wait until it tells me just what.

And tomorrow I start the pieces for the pressure!

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