Friday, December 20, 2013

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It has been brought to my attention that folks don't know what on earth this WordKeepers thing is. This is my personal blog. I use it to post art projects, some of which I do on a daily basis.

I'm working on something now. I'm calling it my Post Squares series. I've given myself the project of creating a piece of artwork each day based on inspiration I find from the cover story and photo of the Washington Post newspaper. I often create a color abstract of just a small area of the photo. And then, because I enjoy the challenge, I try to write a synopsis of the article, which is certainly the most difficult part. But it's fun, too. Which is why I'm doing this. Challenging and fun at the same time.

In January I'll have a show at the Fire Hall Gallery in Charles Town, West Virginia. The opening is Sunday, January 5th at 2:00. Of course I would love to see you. The show will feature 30 or so of the daily pieces I've created in this month, December 2013.

I mention my heart and soul in the heading of this post. It's a strange thing to do, to make things and put them out there. Artists are masters at that kind of leap of faith. Where would we be without that ability? We are willing to be vulnerable. We just put it out there and let everybody think whatever they want and it can't matter. Part of the "leap" is trusting that we will touch someone, anyone in a way that is good. Even if the only thing it does is show that it's an okay thing to do.

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