Monday, December 2, 2013

Post Square 12.02.13 ~ Metro-North Haiku

Post Square 12.02.13 ~ Metro-North Haiku

When I opened the paper to find my subject for inspiration today I experienced a disappointing emotional punch. I was hoping, before the train accident, that we might be celebrating the naming of Bao Bao. The precious treasure made it to the front page, but under the story of the tragedy in the Bronx.

I had been writing a haiku for yesterday’s story in my head as I walked down the lane to get the paper this morning. (I’ve added the haiku to the end of yesterday’s post). So, when I saw the line of type over the cover photo, with its seven syllables, I thought of making this piece a simple haiku made from the type in the story, over the photo.

The section of Mark Lennihan’s photo I cut out has been reduced to black and white and the colors inverted. Then the pieces of type were applied and it was rescanned. It went through quite a few more effects until the look was satisfying ~ harsh and sensitive.

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