Thursday, December 5, 2013

Post Square 12.05.13 ~ The Uninspired

Post Square 12.05.13 ~ The Uninspired

Wal-Mart does not pay its employees well.
But it pays them something.
And something is better than nothing for a lot of people.
Besides, you can buy a starfruit there for 50 cents.
And now the residents of D.C. don’t have to drive to Maryland or Virginia to buy a starfruit.
They have two newly opened Wal-Marts of their very own where they can get one.

Sorry, not inspired
by Wal-Mart. Don’t even have
a decent haiku.

And, as you can see, I’ve reverted back to finding a design in a square inch of the photo when just yesterday I said I wasn’t doing that anymore. The image is the Wal-Mart logo star thing.

I even went for the randomly chosen pencils to color it in. The first one I chose was the black for the background. When I saw it I said, “whoa, okay, a black background it is.” Yesterday’s background was black, too, but that was on purpose. Then I picked the flesh tone and the brown and the slate gray, and had this earthy thing going, but I just knew in the back of my mind things were going to get weird like some sort of horrid green and bingo! It was even more downhill from there, that yellow and orange (a dangerous color) and, good grief, another bad green, and a bright red to go with it, no less, how Christmassy! At this point I’m thinking I’m going to go over the whole thing with white and blur it together. Then, I finished covering the last of the white with those blue and taupe stripes and it was done. It was what it was. I propped it up in front of me and those flesh ovals said, “FACES!”, so I drew those on. They could represent the oppressed masses at Wal-Mart.

I have to tell you one last thing about today’s article. There is the most wonderful quote. It was something said by D.C. Council member Vincent B. Orange, who is running for mayor. He was talking about how the debate whether to let Wal-Mart into the city or not led to the vote supporting a citywide minimum wage of $11.50 by 2016. He said, “You have to go through stuff to get to stuff.”

You have to go through stuff to get to stuff. Don’t you love it? My new mantra.

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