Monday, December 16, 2013

Post Square 12.15.13 ~ Each Icon: 10,000 People

Post Square 12.15.13 ~ Each Icon: 10,000 People

The two photos for the cover story on Sunday’s Post are of, Dania, a little girl from Syria. In the first photo she is looking into the camera with eyes that appear much older than her seven years. The second is an overhead view of her lying on her hospital bed. She is covered in wounds and scars.

The story describes the horrific ordeal that landed Dania in a foreign hospital. This is used as a segue into a description of the enormous changes experienced by the countries that are finding themselves hosts to a massive influx of Syrian refugees who are leaving their homes to escape the danger and disruption of civil war.

In an insert within the story, 10 tiny human icons stand next to a smaller group of three. There is a dash, and then the words “each icon: 10,000 people”. It is a chart illustrating the number of Syrians who have died since the violence began in their country.

I chose as my subject the pattern from Dania’s backpack. It is drawn over a print of grouped human-shaped icons (turned sideways) representing a number of IDPs (internally displaced persons) or refugees. Colored pencils chosen randomly.

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