Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Post Square 12.16.13 ~ Going Nowhere

Post Square 12.16.13 ~ Going Nowhere

Tiara Richmond, 22, has smooth brown skin and soft dreadlocks, the only things she got from her deadbeat father. Her great grandmother worked as a cook in the White House when Jimmy Carter was president. Tiara, who is a talented musician, single and childless, with a high school diploma and a clean record, cannot find a job. She and her mother, who is on disability, depend on food stamps to feed the many mouths under their roof. And those food stamps have been cut by Congress.

In part of the Post article Tiara goes on a tirade against President Obama, asking him, essentially, how on earth he is letting the people in his own city suffer so.

The photos that cover this story are two shots of the same refrigerator, that of the Richmond’s. In the first image, dated December 7th, the shelves are bare. In the second, dated the next day, the day the food stamps arrive, there is the food that will need to last them a month.

This is a long, well-written and unbiased article full of the detailed struggles of a family trying to do their best with what they have. It leaves us wondering what our reactions to reading it tells us about ourselves.

The composition of the drawing is from a detail of the empty refrigerator. The colors were chosen randomly. The title Going Nowhere is taken from Tiara’s tirade.  


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