Monday, December 23, 2013

Post Square 12.23.13 ~ All Eyes On You

Post Square 12.22.13 ~ All Eyes On You

Surveillance technology ~ ya either love it or ya hate it.

No, wait, Americans both hate it and love it.

We might hate the idea of the NSA having a record of our phone calls, but we kinda like that app that let’s us know where our teenagers are.

It gives us the creepy crawlies to see our own car moving along that digital street map, but Hey! There’s a Starbucks!

And that store that knew we were there yesterday, at least it sent us a discount coupon.

The colored pencil drawing is a detail of a mother’s hand on her daughter’s arm. This is a mother who has opted for not tracking the whereabouts of her teenager in order to build a trusting relationship.

(I’m thinkin’ ~ good luck with that! God knows I could have used some surveillance as a 16-year-old!)

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