Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Post Square 12.23.13 ~ One Important Point

Post Square 12.23.13 ~ One Important Point

This drawing is done from a tracing of the photo on the cover of the Post. These guys are actually in these positions this far off the ground. There are a bunch of other legs and backsides involved in the pile, but I left them out to isolate these two ~ Washington’s London Fletcher (number 59) and Dallas running back DeMarco Murray.

The picture was taken just before Murray scored on the fourth down with something like 68 seconds left in the game to beat the Redskins (a name that is in dispute for obvious reasons) by one point. Washington had been leading and it looked like they were going to get at least 4 wins this pitiful season, but no dice. And it was poor Fletcher’s last home game. He’s retiring after this season.

The drawing is done in colored pencil. I smeared it by going over the finished color with a white pencil. It’s 4.5”square.

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