Saturday, December 14, 2013

Post Squares 12.11,12,13 ~ Weather or Not / Haves and Have Nots / Not Likely

Post Squares 12.11,12,13 ~ Weather or Not / Haves and Have Nots / Not Likely

On Tuesday the 10th the snowy weather kept us from getting our paper delivery. The next day the cover story on the Post was about, you guessed it, the weather.

Wednesday’s article, written by the same journalist who covered the story on Sunday’s storm for the Monday article, repeated the woes of closed businesses and schools, delayed flights, and the excellent job performed by the road crews. The point was made that perhaps the forecast had been much ado about nothing.

On Thursday; an explanation of why a 4-year-old in Owensburg, Kentucky was kicked out of her Head Start program due to the “sequester”, while other organizations, with their rainy-day funds and friends in high places (things Head Start does not have) felt no pain.

Friday’s story came from Ukraine, where protesters, demanding attention to their government’s corruption and the removal of the president, Viktor Yanukovych, are unlikely to have their wishes fulfilled.

I’ve had to group these three drawings to get back on schedule. I’m doing a show this weekend and I worked on the drawings there, which is why they are in ink, an easy medium to transport and work with sporadically.

There was a tree theme to all of the cover photos. The weather story had trees in the snow. The story about the little girl had a tree etched into a mirror behind her and there was a single tree stuck in a huge snow barricade built by the Ukrainian protestors. I also used the pattern created by tires on the pile.

It wasn’t until I typed out the three titles to the drawings that I realized there was also a theme of “Nots”. I’d had in mind as I did the drawings that they would be sparse to reflect the things lacking in each story. That’s how it played out.

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