Thursday, March 27, 2014

Beam me up, Tinkerbell

This is the heart I found this morning.

It makes me think of Star Trek, when they are trying to beam someone (or something) aboard and the being's molecules have gotten caught up somewhere in the universe and are refusing to congregate back into what they are supposed to be and everyone is standing around nervously chewing their lips and trying to conjure up something that resembles a prayer to whatever, willing the thing to form whole there in the middle of the blue column of swirling light.

It also reminded me of Peter Pan, when Mary Martin (no wonder I had a crush on Peter!) was pleading with us kids to really, really believe so that Tinkerbell wouldn't die. How the tiny light would flicker and fade and scare us to death until it finally rejuvenated into the living fairy it was. Don't remember what we were supposed to believe in exactly, but it seemed to work.

And then it occurred to me that in my description yesterday, of the process of finding these hearts out in nature, I had left out an important piece. Not only does it require soft eyes and relaxation and all that, it is essential to be open to the gift. Being willing to receive. Feeling a deservedness, a worthiness...

A good practice for life in general. But not easy.

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