Saturday, March 29, 2014

Daily Project ~ Post Heart 3.28.14

President Obama and Pope Francis meet at the Vatican. Two men with “radically different politics” but who have both “sought to change the public character of the institutions they run”.

The detail that ended up on the randomly cut heart must be some architectural feature. It is the section of the photo between the faces of the president and the pope. I kept the lines blurry between the randomly chosen colors, as in the photo. The only sharp line being the tip of the president’s nose. The last color chosen, that healing green again. (maybe a need to mix up my pencils better)

I fussed with this drawing. It took me longer that the previous ones. I got hung up on the green circle and getting rid of a pencil line I didn’t like. I scratched into the surface with an X-acto blade to lighten areas and around the border to soften the green line I was sorry I put there.

This one really brought out some obsessiveness! It’s interesting to start my day with these drawings and see what they bring up. Like doing ground exercises with my horse to see where her head is before I get on her, this practice of drawing the hearts tells me something about how I might approach my work for the day.

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