Saturday, March 15, 2014

Shadow Box #8 "Under the Snow"

Shadow Box #8 "Under the Snow", 12"X 12"

With this one I wanted to work with some suggestions I'd gotten. One was to work with warmer, less austere colors and the other was to make the foreground closer to better include the viewer. Then, to add some life, I put in the little fox, bottom right. He hears some little thing stirring under the snow (hence the title) and is about to pounce. The sticks on the "shelf" were a suggestion, too. They are coated with polyurethane.

I used pastels for the blue sky and the color of the field, though I went over the field with colored pencil also, which is what I used on the rest of the image, with some charcoal and graphite. 

The frame I painted black first, then the fox red color, and sanded it. I applied the gold leaf last and sanded it again.

This is another scene I'm treated to on my morning walk. I was drawn to the line of the hill in the background and how it seemed to dip down into the field.

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