Thursday, June 5, 2014

Shadow Box #13 ~ Inside and Outside Series ~ Where We Throw The Bones

The inspiration for this one came on a morning in May, fog in the hollow, the sun lighting it from behind, the trees fading more and more as they recede in the background.

The shadow box is 10" X 10". The trees are done in colored pencil and acrylic on Bristol board, which, like the others, has been glued into the frame, wrapping all 4 sides. A carved "beam" stretches across the middle and supports a tiny land snail shell, painted black. A small rock underneath on the "floor". I made a black frame of mat board strips and drew a design on them with colored pencil. Last thing was to add the seed pods in the corners. They are coated with acrylic gel medium.

The title is "Where We Throw The Bones" because this scene is just across the driveway from our kitchen door and that's where I put the chicken bones for the foxes.

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