Sunday, June 21, 2015

18 small paintings 6 21 15

These 3 5/8" X 5 5/8" paintings were painted together on one sheet of watercolor paper. I created the grid with drafting tape and coated the paper with gesso. At the end of this post I've put a picture of what the paintings looked like at the very first stage.

The series will be featured at a solo show from next week through October at the Nano Gallery 
(which specializes in small pieces) in the D.C. Art Center, Adams Morgan. 

They are primarily acrylic, with charcoal, chalk and oil pastel, and some collage. 

Below is how they all started. The use of ochre over charcoal comes from classes I took in traditional oil painting at the Hagerstown YMCA as a kid. I wanted to begin with some semblance of composition and used images for reference from a small book I picked up at a museum shop on the architecture of Tadao Ando. Not a lot remains of these under-paintings, but some hints of them can be seen in the finished pieces. 

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