Thursday, January 5, 2017

Fourth painting in series of eight ~ Companion to Owls

The wolf is now my brother, and I have become a companion to owls. Job 30:29

This fourth painting in the series is based on Owl, a bird that has been both feared and revered over time. Thought of as a deceiver perhaps because of her silent flight, she has always been a denizen of the dark night, intensifying her reputation as harbinger of all things foreboding.

With her large eyes, Owl is also the seer of everything, all truth, and is therefore considered wise. Her wisdom was admired by the Greek goddess Athena, who made Owl her companion bird. Merlin had his Archimedes and everyone at Hogwarts was paired with an owl familiar. Pooh enjoyed the company of Owl, his scholarly mentor. It is Owl's role as companion I wanted to think about as I worked on this painting.

I started the painting with the black background to represent Owl's night environment. The white charcoal made great marks on the surface. It brought back childhood memories of scribbling on a blackboard with chalk. There is added collage and patterns are stamped on. The small hand is a gesture of offered friendship.

Companion to Owls, 24" X 18" X 2" wood panel, with acrylic, white charcoal, paper collage, ink, monoprints, sgraffito

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