Friday, July 28, 2017

Six small pieces (with some process notes)

Continuing my series of mixed media paintings on small panels. Each are 3" X 12". 

I haven't talked much about process lately, so let me tell you about these. I start with a panel cut from 1/2" MDF board. I get these laser cut for me by Smidgens, Inc. in Lima, NY. I sand the edges and gesso the panel to give it a more durable surface, though I'm not sure this is absolutely necessary. I then cover the surface with paper, either deli sheets or tissue or wax paper, using Liquitex matte medium, letting it wrinkle, fold and buckle. When dry they are painted a base of one color, usually something neutral like yellow ochre or burnt sienna. With a plastic scraper I apply many layers of paint in different colors to build up an interesting surface and give myself something to build on with other details. I find the horizon lines and suggestions of other figures in the textures and enhance them. Paper bits have been cut out of various materials that have been painted or printed. Lines are drawn with charcoal pencil or a fine brush. I finish with a spray of fixative and then a coat of gloss varnish. The backs are painted black with a small roller and a sawtooth hanger added. 
That's it!

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