Saturday, September 8, 2018

Some more new paintings for a show in Gaithersburg

These ten paintings are headed for a show at the Arts Barn in Gaithersburg, MD. I will be with four other very interesting artists in this mixed media exhibit. (see postcard at bottom of post)

Each painting is on a 2" deep wood panels, with acrylic, painted and hand-printed papers, charcoal, and oil and chalk pastel. The images continue around the sides.

40" X 40" This one was inspired by a little visitor to the barn. We had a guinea hen adopt us for a few weeks, but, sadly, she has moved on. We got quite attached to her and she was great at eating up bugs! She would gently peck the flies from the horses legs and fly masks. And I miss her running commentary of chirps and whistles. 

Birdtown, 40" X 40" 

Giraffe and Goat Visit Birdtown, 20" X 20" 

Cat Visits Birdtown Beach, 20" X 20"

Birdtown Park, 24" X 18"

Birdtown Friends, 24" X 18"

Two Horses Visit Birdtown, 24" X 24"

Birdtown Beach, 24" X 24"

Birdtown Northend, 24" X 18"

Birdtown Pond, 24" X 18"

Here are some of the paintings at beginning stages with layers of paint and texture. I'd started to find images on some of them, drawn in with charcoal. 

On the bottom of the left panel you might see where I found the guinea hen. I called her Mutt because she had shown up with Jeff, who moved on the next day. Later I changed her name to Jean Louise having just listened to To Kill a Mockingbird on CD. It fit her better, but her nickname remained Mutt...not Scout. 

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