Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Colored pencil drawing 122912.

Hey! I'm back. Happy New Year.

I wanted to show you the first in a series of colored pencil drawings I'm doing and that I really like. They are inspired by the project I did on Day 363 (last year) where I had to really work the pencil to get a saturated color, which I'd never done before. And, you'll love this part, the colors were chosen by picking out a pencil at random from my box of about 100 different colored pencils. When I see what my blind groping has come up with I say yikes! I would never have chosen THAT! and then it turns out to look more interesting to me than what I might have chosen on purpose. Random. Fun. Spontaneous! Oh, and the initial drawing (design) is a loose interpretation of a fragment of something I saw somewhere.

This drawing is about 4.5" square.

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mim said...

I like this one a lot. I, also, like the idea of random-ness playing into what we make. Lots of my mail art pieces are based on random picking up of pieces of paper.