Saturday, January 5, 2013

Experiment with rice paper.

Another colored pencil drawing (randomly chosen colors), this time printed on rice paper using my color copier. I crumpled the print, flattened it again and brushed it with black ink to enhance the creases. I painted the back of the print with acrylic medium, and while that was drying I rolled bond paper, with music printed on it, into tubes and glued them to card stock (next time I'll use mat board so that it stays flat). I formed the rice paper print over the tubes using acrylic medium to adhere it and also over the surface. The medium made the print somewhat transparent, so the music is visible through it. I formed the paper at the ends of the tubes to have an opening because I want to use this in a larger piece with something (not sure what yet) extending from the tubes. It's 5"X7" far.

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