Friday, January 25, 2013

Post square 012513 ~ Not Quite Enough

It was easy to choose the square inch I wanted to work from today. I was immediately drawn to the big shape of this snow saucer and the shadow under it. A six-year-old kid named Ivy is carrying it back up to the top of the hill to try to make the best of not quite enough snow.

I added acrylic to the mix this time. And watercolor, which I started with. Then went back and forth with acrylic and colored pencil, overlapping to build up the texture. There is some watercolor pencil and a brush pen, too.

I was looking at the paintings of Peruvian artist Nebiur Arellano for her use of surface treatment and color. And I meant to add some details from a book I was recently given on Aboriginal art, but I scanned it in before remembering that I wanted to do that, and then it was time to watch a movie...

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