Thursday, January 17, 2013

Post squares 011113 - 011613 ~ Symbolic Raines 2nd Run Local Rockaway

These new pieces haven't exactly been a hit on Facebook. Not very accessible, granted. Certainly not as accessible as some other things I've done.

Thing is, I really like these. They feel fresh and exciting and contemporary. Spontaneous. Creating with no worries. And I love the process. Prismacolor glided onto buttery bristol. I drew each of these squares with soft graphite first, added just touches of color with the colored pencil, then smeared them with a cream-colored pencil. I like that smeared look.

Catching up with the one-drawing-a-day idea forced this 6-at-a-time composition ~ another happy "accident". I like the grouping. The words written under each square refer to the subject of the photograph from which the image was taken. 

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