Saturday, January 5, 2013

Post squares diptych 010313.

For this image, because the swan in the photograph from the Post was so beautiful, I found two different square inches to create a diptych.

I was so disappointed when the randomly chosen colored pencil for the white swan came up black. But now that the drawing is finished I see that the strong graphic shape works well.

The photograph, from January 3rd, illustrated the good news that the Chesapeake Bay may be regaining its health.

If you are just joining me here, I've been taking the main front page photograph of the Washington Post and finding a square inch (or, in this case, two) to abstract into a drawing usually measuring about 4 inches. I choose the colors for each section by randomly, and without looking, selecting a pencil from my box full of Prismacolors.

I'm using the photographs to start because I like to have a reference from something that I can abstract and make my own. Selecting random colors makes it great fun! I love to see how the piece is going to turn out, like a surprise package opened. And it gives me ideas for color combinations I might not think of myself, as well as pointing out ones I don't want to use in the future!

These pieces are studies I plan to turn into three-dimensional mixed-media work.

I'm not sure I want to have them be quite so representational as this one turned out, so I will probably work on abstracting the image more for future drawings.

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